October 24, 2021


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New year’s Day! A mother and son in Nanjing have successfully changed their hearts

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In the ward of Nanjing First Hospital
Wang Guilan, Wang Chuanhai, mother and son
I had a special new year.
Mother Wang Guilan cooks chicken soup every day.
To Wang Chuanhai, his son in the hospital
Mother Wang Guilan is the first hospital in Nanjing.
The first heart transplant patient
20 years later
Son Wang Chuanhai
Dilated cardiomyopathy was also found.
Thanks to the selfless dedication of organ donors
Wang Chuanhai also received a successful heart transplant.
Mother and son “change the heart.”
This is the first case in Jiangsu.
In 2001, Wang Guilan was diagnosed with advanced dilated cardiomyopathy and successfully underwent heart transplantation. She was the first “heart replacement” patient in Nanjing First Hospital. In August 2020, Wang Chuanhai, Wang Guilan’s son, was found to have dilated cardiomyopathy, and doctors said a heart transplant was needed. While waiting for the donor, Wang Chuanhai was critically ill and was rescued in the intensive care unit for more than ten days. His mother, Wang Guilan, was at the door every day.
Fortunately, in less than a month, Wang Chuanhai and others came to the right donor. Through multidisciplinary cooperation, the operation team successfully changed Wang Chuanhai’s heart. He is now recovering smoothly and successfully transferred to the general ward on February 10. On the night before New Year’s Eve, mother and son hugged each other tightly to celebrate their reunion and rebirth. On the first day of the lunar new year, the medical staff specially visited the mother and son and prepared a special birthday cake for them. The mother and son were the first and 109th heart transplant patients in Nanjing First Hospital.
Chen Xin, vice president of Nanjing First Hospital, said: “on behalf of cardiothoracic vascular surgery, I wish you a happy New Year! As two generations of heart changers, you have all received the selfless gift from organ donors. I hope you will cherish it. Although it’s only five days to change your heart, it’s two years old at the end of Chinese New Year’s Eve. I wish you health and longevity. “
Thank you! Blessing!
 source: CCTV
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