October 24, 2021


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The box office of Spring Festival movies exceeds 5 billion!

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In the new year of the ox, some people are still sleeping, while others are on their way to the cinema.
“I got up at seven to go to the cinema, and the eight o’clock show was full.”
“Four tickets at a time. I’m going to stay in the cinema today.”
“I didn’t expect that I couldn’t get a movie ticket on Valentine’s day. Even the first row seats were sold out.”
“Did you get tickets for the movie?” It has become a hot topic in this year’s Spring Festival, and the audience’s enthusiasm for watching movies is reflected in the box office record that has been constantly refreshed.
According to the data released by lighthouse professional edition, as of 9:30 on February 15, the total real-time box office of Spring Festival has exceeded 5.1 billion. Previously, the national film administration announced that the box office revenue of the first day of the first month of this year exceeded 1.7 billion yuan, breaking the box office record of 1.443 billion yuan in 2019. Among them, “Chinatown detective 3”, “Hello, Li Huanying,” and “assassinating novelist” ranked the top three at the box office on that day.

Lighthouse professional real-time box office of Spring Festival (as of 00:00, February 15)
“In the past Valentine’s day, the box office of the whole country exceeded 1.4 billion, setting the highest record for the same period in the mainland in terms of the box office, several shows, and several people. It is expected that this year’s Spring Festival will break the box office record of 5.905 billion in 2019, and it is expected to get nearly 7 billion of the total box office of the schedule. ” Ali film lighthouse analyst Wang Shu introduced to reporters.
In the face of gratifying pre-sale performance, theaters all over the country have adjusted the film arrangement and increased the number of shows according to the box office trend.
“This year’s spring festival film key takes effect at 8:00 a.m. on the first day of the lunar new year. Several key ume studios have arranged movie viewing at 8:00 a.m., and the late show will be extended to more than 3:00 a.m. This year, many people in Beijing celebrate the Chinese new year on the spot. Young people aged 18-35 are the main force of watching movies in the morning and evening. We try our best to increase the business hours in the screening to meet everyone’s demand for watching movies. ” Cai Xiaoxue, deputy director of operation of ume Cinema Management Group and regional general manager of North China, said.

Many cinemas have added early morning stalls to meet audience demand
In the “seven heroes” competition, “Chinatown detective 3” has an absolute box office advantage. Yin Hong, vice president of China Film Review Association and vice chairman of China filmmakers Association, believes that “Chinatown detective 3” is due to the brand effect. The first two films have created excellent results and laid a foundation for brand influence; the second is the film’s mix and match style. The “star gathering” meets the Spring Festival show’s positioning needs, so it has achieved great success. Such achievements are expected.

Stills of Chinatown detective 3
And “Hello, Li Huanying” has become the biggest black horse in this year’s Spring Festival and won a lot of praise with a Douban score of 8.3. The movie tells the story of Jia Xiaoling’s family love story, which is full of tears and laughter, after experiencing the grief of “the son wants to be raised, but the parents don’t want to be treated.” The sincere emotion of the movie moved many netizens: “I didn’t bring enough paper towels, I cried in the cinema,” “this love letter written by Jia Ling to my mother is also a portrayal of many Chinese mothers,” “after watching the movie, I gave my mother a big hug.”

Hello, Li Huanying
According to Wang Shu’s analysis, the super high box office performance is related to the festival’s rigid demand for film viewing. Still, it benefits from the substantial improvement of the quality of Chinese films. With the steady improvement of domestic film content quality, film viewing gradually occupies an increasingly important position in China’s cultural and entertainment consumption, and the public demand for high-quality cultural content is growing. Especially in the Spring Festival, the biggest time of the year, watching movies has become a “New Year custom.”
The reporter visited several cinemas and found that the anti-epidemic measures such as temperature measurement registration, disinfection and ventilation, and interval seating are still the “standard” of cinemas
This year’s Spring Festival show is also an opportunity to test the water for online movies. In addition to the seven Spring Festival films shown in cinemas, there are also two online films, “Diary of fortune” and “Legend of treasure in Shaolin Temple,” scheduled for the first day of the new year. For cities that have not yet opened their cinemas due to the epidemic and third – and fourth-tier cities that have not fully released their demand for watching movies due to the local Chinese new year, online movies can provide viewers with another choice.
With the full release of film viewing demand, China’s film market is showing a steady recovery. Did you see a movie today?
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