October 24, 2021


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Wonderful applications of digital RMB: time-honored brands, wearable devices, ATM cash! The Internet giant has made an eye-catching performance

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This Spring Festival, the digital RMB red envelope consumption scene is wonderful.
Following the Shenzhen water test of the digital RMB red envelope test, Suzhou, Beijing, and other places have also launched pilot projects during the Spring Festival. Digital RMB test scenarios are diversified. From the test in Suzhou, digital RMB has become more active, and time-honored enterprises have launched digital RMB payment, which has made tourists happy and business hot.
Beijing’s “digital Wangfujing ice and snow Shopping Festival,” digital RMB hardware wallets come in various forms. Postal savings bank not only realizes visualization but also binds the function of health treasure. At the same time, the intelligent wearable field has also become the focus.
In recent tests in many places, Jingdong has performed well. Not only has Jingdong Mall become the online consumption channel of Beijing and Suzhou, but also the “big gold owner” of Suzhou’s 30 million yuan digital RMB red envelope. In other digital RMB red envelope tests, the relevant funds are paid by the relevant local governments.
Suzhou: visitors like weaving
“The memory of Jiangnan is followed by the memory of Wu Palace. “
The Spring Festival in Suzhou is especially lively this year.
During the Spring Festival, Suzhou issued a second round of 30 million yuan red envelopes. There are 150000 “annual red envelopes,” each of which is 200 yuan, with a total amount of 30 million yuan. The winning citizens can use the “New Year’s red packets” to spend in Jingdong Mall or the designated offline merchants in Suzhou.
This activity combines digital RMB pilot work and “Suzhou New Year’s festival,” adding a touch of light to spring festival consumption.

The reporter learned that tens of thousands of consumers in Suzhou could use digital RMB New Year’s red packets, covering supermarket, daily retail, catering consumption, life services, and other categories to realize the coverage of core business circles and key supermarkets in each sector.
The biggest attraction this time is that time-honored brands in Suzhou have also joined the test.
Bank of Suzhou, together with time-honored merchants in Suzhou, cooperated with pilot banks and selected 8 time-honored merchants and 29 stores to enrich the consumption scene further. There are some well-known traditional brands, such as Songhelou, Caizhizhai, Lujijian, Jinshuitai, and Yuanwaiyuan.
In Luwei shop, the reporter saw a time-honored brand in Suzhou, that the digital RMB logo in front of the shop window was very eye-catching, which also attracted many customers to inquire.

Another highlight of the Suzhou pilot project is that Jingdong has become the “big gold owner” of red envelopes. It is understood that all the funds for the 30 million yuan red envelope activity in Suzhou come from the Jingdong group. The relevant funding sources are from the local government funding support in other digital RMB red envelope test activities.

In addition to providing financial support, Jingdong has become a big winner in Suzhou red envelope activities’ online consumption scene. Jingdong Mall and three apps (Jingdong app, Jingxi app, and Jingdong financial APP) have joined the consumption scene.
Jingdong finance is a personal financial business brand of Jingdong technology group. Public information shows that Jingdong finance has launched nearly 10000 financial products and services, including white bar, fund, small Treasury, gold bar, joint white card, and small gold card.
However, several people reported that digital RMB red envelope products are still focused on physical products, and there is no option to buy funds.
“I hope that in the future, digital RMB can directly buy funds or other financial products on the platform, and also enrich the red envelope consumption scenarios.” Some people in Suzhou said.
Beijing: colorful hardware Wallet
During the Spring Festival, Beijing also started the test of the digital RMB red envelope.
On February 6, the “digital Wangfujing ice and snow Shopping Festival” digital RMB pilot activity was officially launched, which is the sixth red envelope activity of digital RMB after three rounds in Shenzhen and two rounds in Suzhou. From the test results, the digital wallet has been greatly enriched and has broad application space.
After the launch of the Shanghai visual hardware wallet, the postal savings bank has launched a digital RMB passive visual card hard wallet and fingerprint card Hard Wallet with health treasure function. It realizes “one card and two applications” of digital RMB payment and health treasure registration.
Besides, smart gloves, smartwatches, badges, and other wearable device wallets appeared in the official flagship store of the 2022 Winter Olympics.
It is understood that wearable devices are various forms of intelligent devices jointly launched by the Bank of China and China Unicom, including smart gloves, smartwatches, badges, etc. digital RMB wallet chips are embedded in the devices, and payment can be completed by one touch.
“In essence, it is a different form of digital RMB hard wallet. “One practitioner said.
In the field of cash, ICBC has launched eight ATMs supporting digital RMB cash deposits and withdrawals. It is understood that ICBC is gradually promoting the two-way exchange function of digital RMB and cash in pilot areas across the country.
Many people in the industry said that the Beijing pilot’s future is worth looking forward to, and the scene of the Winter Olympic Games may come into contact with cross-border payment.
It is reported that in the next step, Beijing will steadily promote more pilot applications of digital RMB around the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, continue to deepen the implementation of the “two zones” policy, continuously improve the construction of legal digital currency pilot zone, and financial technology application scenario pilot zone, improve the service level of Beijing Smart City, build an international consumption center city, and provide a good service guarantee for the payment environment construction of Beijing Winter Olympic Games.
In fact, the consumption scenario of digital RMB is still expanding.
Jingdong and Internet giants such as Meituan, didi, and byte beat are scrambling to introduce digital RMB. According to the State Intellectual Property Office information, Beijing Zitiao Network Technology Co., Ltd. has just published the patent “generation method of digital currency wallet, digital currency payment method, device and electronic device.”
(Lin Yi also contributed to this paper)
Editor: Yan Jian
Source: Shanghai Securities News
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