October 24, 2021


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The best in history! The total box office of Spring Festival is over 8 billion!

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The best in history! The total box office of the Spring Festival is over 8 billion!

In the Spring Festival of 2021, film viewing is hot, and it’s hard to get a ticket for popular new year movies. The picture shows the ticket buying scene of a cinema in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, on February 15. (image source: Vision China)

Chai Yaxin, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission’s website, reports that the total amount is over 8 billion!
According to statistics, as of 0:00 on February 18, the total real-time box office of the Spring Festival movies has exceeded 8 billion yuan, far exceeding the box office of the same period in previous years. At the same time, it has set new world records such as the box office of the global single market on a single day and the box office of the global single market on weekends. Among them, on February 12, the first day of the first lunar month, more than 34 million people across the country went to the cinema, and the box office exceeded 1.7 billion yuan, setting a new record for the total number of people and box office in a single day in Chinese film history.
On New Year’s day this year, the box office of national films reached 1.299 billion yuan, breaking the historical record of 1.271 billion yuan set in 2018; more than a month later, the Spring Festival set another record. Behind this is the audience’s accelerated release of film watching enthusiasm, the gratifying weather for the film industry’s continuous recovery, and the steady improvement of China’s film creation level.
The box office of seven films exceeded 100 million, and IP adaptation was the mainstream
In the Spring Festival this year, seven films, including Chinatown detective 3, Hello, Li Huanying, assassinating novelist, order to serve God, surging crowds, new God list: the rebirth of Nezha, and bear haunting wild continent, have appeared on the big screen, with the box office exceeding 100 million.
Seven films cover comedy, suspense, fantasy, animation, and other rich types. “On the whole, this year’s spring festival film supply is relatively sufficient, with more content. Many films are concentrated in this period, providing the audience with a wealth of viewing options.” Yin Hong, vice chairman of the China Film Association and professor of Journalism and Communication at Tsinghua University, said.
IP adaptation and development is a major feature of this year’s Spring Festival movies. “Assassinate novelist” is adapted from the novel of the same name, “Shi Shen Ling” is adapted from “Yin Yang master” of mobile travel, “surge of people” is adapted from the Japanese film “the method of stealing keys,” Guoman’s work “new God list: the rebirth of Nezha” is a reinterpretation of the film IP of Nezha, and “Xiong Chu Mei ยท wild continent” is the representative of “old brand” animation.
It’s hard to get one ticket to watch the film, and the flow is reduced, which makes the rigid demand more “rigid.”
From the first day of the lunar new year to the sixth day of the lunar new year, theaters are almost full. Many netizens make complaints about the difficulty of buying tickets for this year’s movie on social networking platforms.
Going to the cinema to see a movie is becoming a new year’s custom compared to traditional customs such as eating New Year’s Eve dinner and going to temple fairs. In Yin Hong’s view, this year’s Spring Festival movie market results from a combination of multiple factors. In addition to the rich types of movies and the focus on Spring Festival movies, “watching movies is just the demand of relatives, friends, and classmates for holiday entertainment. Under the background of epidemic prevention and control, tourism flow is reduced, making the demand more” rigid. ”
There is a strong demand for film viewing, but the supply of tickets is limited. The reporter saw in the cinema that although the tickets were sold out, only half of the cinema seats were occupied by the audience. This is the regulation that Beijing has made for cinemas’ attendance rate to be no more than 50% to prevent and control the epidemic. Simultaneously, other cities also require that the attendance rate of cinemas be 75% or less.
The overall supply of tickets has decreased, which is one reason for this year’s Spring Festival movie tickets being snapped up. On February 12, the first day of the first month, 490000 films were arranged in theaters across the country, 30000 fewer than the same day in 2019. “The overall duration of most films in this year’s Spring Festival is slightly longer. For cinemas, more workforce, including material resources, may be invested in supporting epidemic prevention measures, and there may be some increase in break time.” Yu Chao, deputy general manager of Beijing Capital Cinema, said.
Along with the enthusiasm of watching movies, there are also Spring Festival movie ticket prices. In Beijing’s major business district cinemas, movie tickets generally range from 50 yuan to 140 yuan during the Spring Festival, and the number of individual cinemas is even higher. In this regard, Yu Chao explained that the increase in the number of people watching movies in the first and second-tier cities and the “short supply” directly pushed up the ticket prices. Besides, due to the decrease in cinemas’ reception capacity due to the flow restriction, coupled with the consumption of labor, prevention and control measures and materials, the operating costs of cinemas increased, which is also reflected in the ticket prices.
From New Year’s festival to Spring Festival, domestic films have gradually become the main force
For the audience, the Spring Festival is a family reunion in light and shadow, while for Chinese movies, the Spring Festival is the top priority of the whole year. In fact, the Spring Festival show’s appearance is not long in the history of Chinese film and has experienced the change from time span to name.
At that time, the box office performance during the Spring Festival was not ideal. Chinese people are not going to the cinema, and the producers will deliberately avoid the Spring Festival when choosing the release time. Statistics show that in 2008, the box office of seven days of the Spring Festival was only 110 million yuan, accounting for 2.6% of the whole year’s total box office. Today, the proportion is close to 10%.
In addition to the absence of Spring Festival stalls in 2020 due to the epidemic situation, Spring Festival stalls have been breaking box office records every year in recent years. According to the data of cat’s eye Professional Edition “2021 Spring Festival archives prospect”, in 2018, the box office of Spring Festival archives in seven days was 5.771 billion yuan, accounting for 9.5% of the total box office of the whole year; in 2019, the box office of Spring Festival archives in seven days was 5.903 billion yuan, accounting for 9.2%. For more than half of the cinemas, the box office of Spring Festival can account for more than 10% of the annual box office revenue.
With the box office rising, there are more and more high-quality domestic films. From “Red Sea Action” in 2018 and “wandering earth” in 2019 to the seven domestic films this year, the changing history of the Spring Festival show is also the changing history of China’s film industry; from Hong Kong New Year’s films, Hollywood blockbusters to mainland commercial films, from a single comedy type to multiple, domestic films are becoming the main force of the Spring Festival show.
The quality “online” and good reputation are the guarantee of the super endurance of the Spring Festival archives, and also provide many inspirations for the future Chinese film creation
“A good movie is the last word, and a good word of mouth is the last word.” Ming Zhenjiang, chairman of the China Film Producers Association, said that film reputation determines the final box office trend. At present, the 2021 Spring Festival has contributed to the film industry for “Celebrating the Chinese new year on the spot” under the epidemic situation.
Some netizens found that this year’s seven domestic films scored the best on the Internet for the Spring Festival over the years. There are no “rotten films” with ultra-low scores, and each one has something to be worth noting.
The audience’s demand for film quality is higher and higher. The film quality “online” and good reputation are the guarantee for the Spring Festival show’s super endurance, which also provides many inspirations for Chinese film creation in the future.
In 2021, the total box office (including pre-sale) of China’s film market has exceeded 10 billion yuan, and the total number of viewers has exceeded 229 million. In 2020, China will become the largest ticket warehouse in the world for the first time, and all the top 10 films with the highest box office revenue will be domestic films for the first time China’s film market is gradually expanding and mature, and the improvement of film quality is obvious to all.
The strong return of Spring Festival movies shows the vigorous vitality of China’s film market. Since the second half of last year, China’s film industry has maintained a strong and steady recovery pace with the resumption of work and production. Liu Zhenfei, the data analyst of cat’s eye professional edition, said that this year’s Spring Festival Show has greatly boosted film industry practitioners’ and national film audiences’ confidence. “As long as you have good content, as long as there is social demand, and the film can still provide entertainment for everyone, the audience will go into the cinema, thus promoting the overall recovery of the whole market.”
According to the “prospective report of cinema in 2021”, 262 new films are expected to appear on the screen in China in 2021, including 242 domestic films, with a promising future. “This year’s Spring Festival movies have made outstanding achievements, accompanied the audience to spend a happy and auspicious Spring Festival, showing that Chinese movies have strong adaptability and endogenous motivation.” Rao Shuguang, President of China Film Review Association, said, “the dazzling achievements are inseparable from the efforts of Chinese filmmakers. In the future, Chinese filmmakers need to promote the high-quality and prosperous development of Chinese films with more wisdom and higher realm. “
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