October 24, 2021


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Quantum computing prototype “Zuchongzhi” comes out

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According to Xinhua News Agency, Hefei, May 8 (Reporter Xu Haitao) The reporter learned from the University of Science and Technology of China on May 8 that the team of Academician Pan Jianwei of the school has recently successfully developed the quantum computing prototype “Zu Chongzhi” which has the largest number of superconducting qubits in the world. Number”, the number of superconducting qubits manipulated reached 62, and a programmable two-dimensional quantum walk was realized on this basis. A few days ago, the international authoritative academic journal “Science” published the research results.

Currently, quantum computers, as one of the major challenges at the forefront of science and technology globally, have become the focus of competition among all countries. In principle, quantum computers have ultra-fast parallel computing capabilities. It is expected that specific algorithms can provide exponential acceleration compared to traditional computers in password deciphering, big data optimization, weather forecasting, material design, and drug analysis.

There are many technical routes for the study of quantum computing in international academia. Superconducting quantum computing is one of the most promising candidates. Its core research goal is to increase the number of “manipulable” qubits, improve the accuracy of manipulation, and finally apply it to practical problems.

It is reported that this achievement lays a technical foundation for the realization of quantum superiority in superconducting quantum systems and subsequent research on quantum computing with great practical value. In addition, the two-dimensional programmable quantum walk based on the “Zuchongzhi” quantum computing prototype has potential applications in quantum search algorithms, general quantum computing, and other fields. It will also be an essential development direction in the future.

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