October 24, 2021


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China’s space station will be completed within two years

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Today (18th), good news came from the China Manned Space Office. After China’s first space station launch, the core capsule and core capsule have completed the single-cabin flight phase in-orbit test. The follow-up spacecraft, The launch of the compartment will be carried out as planned. After the successful launch of the Tianhe core module on April 29, it will fly over our heads every 90 minutes, waiting in space for other sections of the space station, cargo spacecraft, and human-crewed spacecraft to converge with it.

What did the Tianhe core cabin do after it went to heaven? What will China’s own space station be built? To operate in orbit for more than 10 years, what is the difference between the space station and the previous Tiangong 1 and 2? Hao Chun, director of the China Manned Space Engineering Office, said: “The core module is the most important and critical section of the entire space station. The construction of the space station is the third step of China’s manned spaceflight strategy. It has now entered the space station construction. Critical period.”


According to China’s space station construction plan, a space station with the core module as the control center and the Wentian and Mengtian experimental modules as the main experimental platforms will be built within two years. Within two years, various cabins will “build blocks” on-orbit to form a Chinese space station.

Hao Chun said: “The construction of the space station is divided into two phases, the verification of key technologies of the space station and the construction of the space station. From this year to next year, the tasks of these two phases will be completed. This year, the sky and core modules of the space station will be launched, followed by May and June. The launch of the Tianzhou 2 cargo spacecraft and the Shenzhou 12 loading spacecraft was carried out separately, and the flight missions of the Tianzhou 3 cargo spacecraft and the Shenzhou 13 human-crewed spacecraft will be carried out. In September and October.”

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