October 24, 2021


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They were infected after having a meal. Where did the Guangzhou pandemic come from? Zhong Nanshan gives the latest advice.

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The recent epidemic in Guangzhou has affected many people’s hearts. No one thought that just a morning tea could lead to the rapid spread of the virus. Nowadays, Guangzhou has obviously lost a lot of vitality. After all, the epidemic has not yet ended, and there are new local diagnoses every day, which does not allow everyone to relax their vigilance.

However, everyone is very concerned about the source of the epidemic. The CDC staff has confirmed that the epidemic is a variant strain of India, so how did it enter the country?

On June 1, “News 1+1” invited experts to answer the people’s doubts about the Guangzhou epidemic. The host asked whether the confirmed case in Nanning transmitted online was the source of the Guangzhou epidemic?

Because of the current transmission chain, it seems that he was the only one who came home from abroad and returned to Guangzhou after staying in Nanning for some time. Many people think that since he came back from abroad, who can guarantee that he has been in contact with other people during the transfer process?

However, such speculation will inevitably have a subjective attitude, and the truth depends on the final official investigation results. Director Zhang of the Guangzhou Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes that when they discovered that this person had recent overseas experience, they had already begun investigating their whereabouts and close groups of people.

Because he went to Nanning first, if he was carrying the new crown virus at this time, then the people he contacted in Nanning might be at risk of infection.

Therefore, through a series of work, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention believes that this person is the source of the epidemic is untenable. It takes a lot of effort to trace the source.

A morning tea led to multiple confirmed cases.

If it were not for the two grandmothers who had morning tea, the situation might have been more serious. The physique of the elderly is not very good. After the new crown virus infects the elderly, they are more likely to have various uncomfortable symptoms. If the patient remains asymptomatic, it will not be found for a while, and the virus may cause more infection problems. Appear.

Now the weather in Guangzhou has begun to “flame.” But the new crown virus is not like the previous viruses that are afraid of heat and cold. It has a strong ability to adapt to the environment. Unless it is killed by a high temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, the new crown virus will not die at all.

In addition, the virus that caused this epidemic is a mutated strain found in India, and its transmission capacity and transmission speed are relatively fast. Now, in addition to the work of grassroots staff and medical staff in high-risk areas in Guangzhou, the static button has been pressed.

The more this kind of moment, the more we must unite.

Academician Zhong Nanshan is always paying attention to every epidemic in China. He said with emotion: “Let us work together to win this victory.” The new air film shelter hospital in Guangzhou has been completed. With this equipment, the people of Guangzhou will be carrying The speed of the census will be much faster. At a critical juncture, Guangzhou has to do nucleic acid work. Only by doing it all the time can we control the unknown dangers in our own hands.

In addition to the new air film shelter, Academician Zhong Nanshan also mentioned that key areas and places with large population flows must be controlled more rigorously and precisely. Don’t decentralize everyone’s power. We must “heavily-hit areas have heavy methods, and light areas have light attention” and put all the strengths at this stage on the cutting edge to cut off Guangzhou’s transmission chain as soon as possible.

At the same time, the researchers have to work hard. To prevent new mutant strains from exerting their power in other provinces of our country, researchers have to figure out the characteristics of new mutant strains day and night and find ways to discover the weaknesses of mutant viruses so that we can conditionally eliminate them.

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