October 24, 2021


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Zhang Wenhong: The mutant strain is breaking through the line of defense! So we can beat

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Zhang Wenhong reiterated in an interview recently:
Get the vaccine as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will really suffer

“Don’t think that the epidemic in Guangzhou is an unexpected emergency,” Zhang Wenhong told reporters. The epidemic that occurs in any place today may happen in the city where we live tomorrow. We must do a good job in normalizing the epidemic prevention and control and treat the epidemic in Guangzhou with a normal mind.

“Vaccination is our correct way to play. Too much debate is not helpful. Get vaccinated as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will really suffer, because it is not if you get the vaccine today, and it will work tomorrow,” Zhang Wenhong said. The characteristics of the new crown virus Tell us that this is a resident virus. We will have to fight a “protracted-war” with it in the future.

As for when to open the door, “It depends on the degree to which our country’s immune barrier is established. The opening of the door in the future must be a gradual process. At that time, everyone must be mentally prepared to accept that there are cases around them, as long as the number of these cases is Within the controllable range, there is no problem.”

Zhang Wenhong predicts that next spring, we may be able to pack our bags and go to countries or regions where the epidemic is well controlled. “But the prerequisite is that you have been vaccinated yourself, and then go to those countries where the vaccine is very good.”

“The epidemic that occurred in Guangzhou today may happen in your city tomorrow.”
The outbreak in Guangzhou was relatively rapid this time, but Zhang Wenhong said, “In terms of nature, it is very close to the previous outbreaks in other cities in my country. It is through the import of people or objects that overseas epidemics have spread to China. ”

He called on everyone to establish such a concept in the context of the spread of the global epidemic: The epidemic that occurs in any place today may happen in the city where we live tomorrow.

Zhang Wenhong explained that in the context of the international pandemic, no matter how dense our prevention and control network is woven, there will eventually be a risk of omissions. Everyone often says that “the sky net is restored, but not leaking.” This is our good wish. As long as people are doing things, there are bound to be some loopholes in places you can’t notice.

Therefore, he believes that don’t think that the Guangzhou epidemic is an emergency. On the contrary, we must do an excellent job in normalizing the epidemic prevention and control work and treat the outbreak with a more cautious and ordinary mind.

“Vaccination as soon as possible is not because you can get the vaccine today and tomorrow will work”

After the outbreak in Guangzhou, the number of vaccination appointments among citizens rose sharply. Some netizens once lamented: “I used to ignore vaccines, but now I can’t afford it.”
Regarding the vaccination after this epidemic, Zhang Wenhong said, “This is called emergency vaccination in clinical practice. But we must know that it is not that you get the vaccine today, and it will work tomorrow. After the vaccination, the body takes time to produce antibodies. Generally speaking, the protective effect of a vaccine is at its highest level two weeks after the second shot.”

“Although vaccination does not mean immediate effect, emergency vaccination is still very valuable, because the spread of the virus is not completed in one or two days, it also has a process. So after the initial control of the epidemic, we can get it through vaccination. The overall time of immunization will race against the transmission time of the virus. If we get vaccinated faster than the virus spreads, and we build a wider immune barrier, then the spread of the virus will not be able to keep up, and we will be able to outperform. .”

“Next spring, we may be able to pack our bags and go for a walk.”

Zhang Wenhong believes that relying on vaccines to gain freedom is the norm in the world. In the future, we will come together with these countries and finally work together to complete the vaccine immunization of everyone in the world.

Therefore, he once said, “By the spring of the next year, 2022, we may be able to pack up and go for a walk. But the premise for a walk is that you have been vaccinated yourself and then go to those vaccinated very well, and Countries where the epidemic is well controlled, will move around. In the next year, the world may gradually open up, but this must be inseparable from the role of vaccines.”

“The virus is constantly changing and appearing.”

Zeng Guang, the chief epidemiologist of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, reminded us in an interview that we have to see that the mutated strain of the new crown is subverting human prevention and control. There are two stages in the fight against the virus:

■ The first stage is when there is no vaccine, it mainly depends on public health prevention and control policies;
■ The second stage is to enter the vaccine prevention and control stage starting in January this year.
■ Unfortunately, after entering the vaccine stage, the virus is changing, mutations continue to appear, and prevention and control strategies should also change.

“In the country that breaks through the lines of defense
Most of them are under-vaccinated countries.”

Zeng Guang said: “The new mutant strain is breaking through our country’s defenses, as well as the defenses of other countries such as East Asia and Southeast Asia. After breaking through the public health defenses, it has begun to challenge the vaccine defenses.”

Most of the countries that have breached the line of defense are those with insufficient vaccinations. Of course, in China, there are also cases of infection after a dose of vaccination. Because the vaccine is not 100% protected, it is normal for this to happen, but we should see that this is a challenge to the vaccine initiated by the mutant strain.

Zeng Guang said: “Vaccines are generally performing well. As long as our country speeds up vaccination and raises the vaccination rate, especially in port cities, we must concentrate efforts to increase it. Although the virus has a risk of entry, it will not spread.”

“Once the mutation, The game between humans and viruses will be a protracted battle.”

Zeng Guang believes that vaccination must be a global game. If a single country has full coverage of vaccines, it will still not stop the mutation of the new coronavirus. Once mutated, it will challenge the vaccine defense line, and this game between humans and viruses will be a protracted battle.

The genetic sequencing similarity of all positive cases in Guangzhou exceeds 98%, and further traceability work will take time.

Previously, the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission stated that the genetic sequencing of the infected persons in this round of the epidemic is highly homologous. They are all variants found in India.

Last night, Li Tiegang, deputy director of the Disease Control Division of the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, said in an interview that at present, the genetic sequencing similarity of all positive cases in Guangzhou had reached more than 98%, that is to say, the transmission chain of all positive cases is on the same line. . And further traceability work will take some time.

Li Tiegang, deputy director of the Disease Control and Prevention Department of Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission: This time, the virus has its spreading characteristics. Its rapid spread is a massive feature. Therefore, it is said that this situation has brought us massive epidemiological investigations. Challenges, quick response, quick identification of the case’s trajectory, quick grasp of the key places where he may have been active, and grasp of the critical populations are essential vital links in our circulation.

Therefore, for our current traceability work, the national steering group is also stationed in Guangdong. In the entire field of Guangzhou, there is a national steering group, and there are expert groups from provinces and cities, all of which are constantly going to trace the source further. At least one direction at present is that the cases we have reported have a relatively straightforward chain of transmission.

But at the same time, everyone knows that we need further investigation of the case to answer this question. Because this is a serious, scientific, and arduous technical task, it requires professional institutions and personnel to spend a certain amount of time collecting, analyzing, sorting and analyzing case-related data, including clinical data, including molecular biology data. The summary will eventually form a research and judgment result, which will give you a clear result in the future.

The Guangdong Working Group of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism Comprehensive Group of the State Council went to Foshan, Shenzhen, to guide epidemic prevention and control.

Recently, the Guangdong Working Group of the Comprehensive Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council, while fully participating in and guiding Guangzhou to handle the new crown pneumonia epidemic, has successively visited Foshan and Shenzhen for research and guidance and on-site inspections of key places, closed communities, and centralized isolation The work situation of designated and designated medical institutions, and guide the local areas to implement emergency response measures for the epidemic fully.

Lei Haichao, the working group and deputy director of the National Health Commission, went to Huafu Yushui’an Community and Yunqi Hotel in Nanhai District, Foshan City, to inspect and guide the management of enclosed and controlled communities and centralized isolation points. In Shenzhen, the working group reviewed the medical treatment situation of the city’s third hospital, discussed diagnosis and treatment, hospital infection prevention and control, epidemiological investigation, and clinical scientific research. In Shenzhen Yantian International Container Terminal, Donghai Lijing area and OCT Waterfall Hotel centralized isolation point inspection and guidance of terminal high-risk population management, community closure, centralized isolation management, and other work. The working group listened to a report on the prevention and control of the epidemic in Shenzhen.

Lei Haichao provided specific guidance on flow traceability, close inspection management, community governance, time-based nucleic acid sampling to increase the positive detection rate, prevention, and control of the epidemic prevention and control of the college entrance examination and life service guarantee for residents opinion.

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