October 24, 2021


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Fudan University responds to the report of Zhang Wenhong’s doctoral dissertation: it does not constitute academic misconduct or academic misconduct

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The Academic Standards Committee of the university carried out the investigation and verification work according to the relevant procedures of the Regulations on the Implementation of Academic Standards of Fudan University (for Trial Implementation) in 2017. It determined that the doctoral dissertation of Wenhong Zhang met the requirements of the doctoral dissertation in that year according to the Rules for the Cultivation of Research-based Doctoral Students revised in January 1999 by the former Shanghai Medical University and that there were writing irregularities in the appendix review section, which did not affect the scientific achievements and academic level of the doctoral dissertation and did not constitute academic misconduct or academic misconduct.

Academic Standards Committee of Fudan University

August 23, 2021

Previously reported.

On August 15, the Graduate School of Fudan University issued a “Response to the Report on the Problems of the Doctoral Dissertation of Wenhong Zhang of our University.”

The response said that Fudan University received the relevant reports and paid attention to the online reflections on some of Zhang Wenhong’s doctoral dissertation review problems. The university has started the investigation and verification, and the investigation results will be announced in time.

On August 14, a netizen publicly reported his “suspected academic fraud,” claiming that Zhang Wenhong’s 2000 doctoral dissertation, “A series of studies on the mutation of the KatG gene of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and its mechanism of isoniazid resistance,” was partly identical to Professor Huang Hainan’s “Molecular biology of the KatG gene and isoniazid resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis” at Qilu Institute of Technology. The molecular biology of KatG gene and isoniazid resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis” is the same.

Wenhong Zhang’s doctoral dissertation is 95 pages long, with a total of about 70,000 words, and the controversial content is mainly in the “Review” section at the end, which is about 3,300 words.

Hainan Huang’s “Molecular biology of the KatG gene and isoniazid resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis” was published in 1998 in the Chinese Journal of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Medicine and is a literature review with a total of about 3700 words.

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