October 24, 2021


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Delicious Pig Tail

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When I was a child, I admired two things. One is the big pig face. The second is the pigtail. The pig face is too big to finish; today, we will talk about the pigtail.

I always like to “eat pigtails” called “gnaw pigtails,” the reason why the “gnaw” and not “eat,” there is not much of a reason, think “eat” too gentle, “gnaw” more wild, and full of sensuality, there is a sense of the picture.

Gnawing things are usually more associated with bones, such as gnawing pig hooves, gnawing rabbit brains, gnawing meat bones, and so on, and pigtails are also bones so there is absolutely nothing wrong with the word gnawing.

In fact, gnawing on the pig’s tail is much more flavorful than gnawing on the pig’s bones. We know that the pig’s tail is located behind the buttocks, the so-called wagging tail. In addition to shaking the head, the tail is often busy up and down around. Life is movement. Once the meat has activity, the meat quality is good, the taste is good, not to mention the pigtail has skin and meat and bones, full of collagen, rich in nutrients, so popular with sophisticated diners.

When we were kids, we were in the era of material scarcity, and we were excited whenever we came across anything related to pig parts. And know that a pig, no matter how fat it grows, there is only one tail, things are rare, it is not easy to eat a section of the pig’s tail, all belong to the “sacrifice” category, so more excited. So once you have the opportunity to eat pigtails, always grab a few sections to clip.


The pigtail is oily and somewhat slippery. The chopsticks are a little disobedient, so capture it directly by hand, find a kaka corner sitting, slowly gnaw, slowly sip, beautiful and delicious sleep at night wake up laughing.

In the past, the butcher’s store sold meat. The pig’s tail is not chopped off. It is left on the half of the buttocks that piece of meat, which is what we call the bench meat. This piece of meat is used to make garlic white meat, fried back to the meat are the most comfortable. There was nothing more impressive than carrying a piece of pork with a tail home at that time. With the rhythm of the steps, the pig’s tail also followed the back and forth swaying. The scenery was breathtaking!

There is also this piece of meat to make bacon, the tail with the bench meat together with cured, dried, smoked, and then hung on the kitchen stove. Every time you go in and out of the kitchen, you can’t help but look at a few more. I don’t know how much saliva was swallowed. Finally, when New Year’s Eve came, the whole piece of meat with the pig’s tail was cooked together. After it was ready, the adults would take advantage of the heat to chop off the pig’s tail, chopped into a few small sections, and distributed it to us children to chew, naturally, is very happy.

The skin of the waxy pigtail is somewhat dark, red in black, crystal clear, fat under the skin has turned into cheese yellow, lean meat into the dark red, white main bone and a few forks, like the rudder wheel of a ship, the animal tail probably also has the function of mastering the direction of the rudder it.

Nowadays, pigtails are abundant in the market, mostly from cold storage, so it is convenient to make and eat now. The hair of the pig’s tail is usually not cleanly scraped, must be handled again, patient with a hair clip one by one flick, as a child I helped my mother do this, a pinch a pull is interesting.

Experienced cooks say that the skin will burn a little more fragrant. The smell of burnt pig hair is also considered a taste of life and not so horrible. The roasted pig’s tail is scraped with a knife, scraping away the burned black skin, the white is revealed, then cleaned and ready for cooking.

Pigtails can also be braised, choose fresh pigtails two or three, burn hair scraping wash After processing, first chopped into small sections, frying pan boiling-water blanching, pour out drained, and then the frying pan hot, put the bottom of the oil, burnt ginger, cinnamon, star anise, the pigtails stir-fry, add wine, soy sauce, some also add soybean paste, which is according to their preferences. Stir-fry pigtails until browned. Add water and stew.

After a few minutes of cooking, pour in the peanuts or chestnuts, soybeans, and so on and mix well. Continue to stew until the soup thickens, pigtails and vegetables begin to crisp, reduce the heat to simmer, and then adjust the flavor you can, eat.

If you are confident, you can fry the color yourself with icing sugar, so the color is redder, and the flavor adds another layer. I usually make sure to stir-fry the sugar.

For a lighter version, you can make pigtail soup, similar to stewed pig’s feet, reducing the variety and quantity of ingredients, adding enough water at once, and adding some tender corn, yam, and carrot pieces to make it richer and better.

In Chengdu, of course, the most flavorful, characteristic, and passionate or marinated pigtails. The process of marinating pigtails is similar to that of marinating other meats, except that you must marinate them whole and then chop them into sections when it’s time to eat.

Chengdu street eat marinated pigtail is basically in the brine store, then is the night of the cold cup ghost diet, and the best mood to gnaw pigtail.

Autumn night is cool. Life is short, sleep early too bad, why not invite three or five friends, looking for a late-night eatery to sit down, lift the legs on the ground, chopped a few brine pigtails, with hands to hold a section to chew, thick and thin as you like.

Gnawing pigtail has a delicate, need first to bite a skin, soft and popping teeth is just right, drink a mouthful of wine, and then bite is fat and lean meat, fat but not greasy, lean but not wood, meat fragrance full mouth, and then drink a mouthful of wine, left with teeth and tongue in the pig tail bone seam looking for meat scraps, after several iterations, early no meat, still can not discard that bone and began to hate themselves no long sharp teeth, can not explore that The scenery inside the bones. In the end, only a little more and more light briny salt taste, can not help but use the tip of the tongue to lick a few times. Don’t ever feel shaky, gnawing on a pig’s tail, may want to be this rhyme.

This kind of life, not slow, eat a bite and drink a bite, light an unhealthy paper cigarette, also considered well-off, and then nonsense about astronomy, geography, international and domestic, perhaps for a faraway point of view also argued a red face, or perhaps for a near the eyes of the red face also a little jealousy.

Wait until the bottle is empty, you start talking politics, I give you talk philosophy, he talked about life is not easy, you said the Taliban in power, anyway, is the East pull gourd West pull leaves, dizzy between to Germany, the whole is a false thunder on the real thunder in the next, move the false thunder real thunder on the explosion! So and so, let time pass slowly, such as the pig’s tail bend and twist, is not fast?

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