October 24, 2021


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“Grandpa Yuan, your ‘dream of resting under the grass’ is coming true!”

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“I had a dream.
I dreamed that my rice grew taller than sorghum, and the ears were longer than brooms. The sun was shining, and my colleagues and I were sitting under the ears of rice to cool off ……”
The “father of hybrid rice” Yuan Longping has repeatedly talked about his two dreams. In addition to the dream of “making hybrid rice cover the world,” he also has a “dream of riding under the grain” Now, this dream is becoming a reality step by step ……

Recently, 15 mu of “giant rice” was successfully planted in Changhong Village, Jiwan Town, Dazu District, Chongqing City, with an expected yield of more than 1,600 pounds per mu.

The rice began to be planted on a trial basis this year, said Chen Yang Park, the center’s deputy director.
“This is a scientific research project of Yuan Longping’s team
The prototype came out five or six years ago.”

As far as the eye can see

The rice is as tall as sorghum, and the plants are up to 2 meters high.

Chen Yang Park introduced the “giant rice” is twice the height of conventional rice “is the giant of rice.”

Chen Yang Park said
“Giant rice” is a tall plant with a moderate set and spread.
The average effective tillering capacity of 40 single spikes is about 500, which is resistant to disease and collapse, tolerates flooding and salinity, and brings sufficient nutrition to the plant.

In addition, the rice field where the “giant rice” is located can also store deeper water.
Through the “rice and fish symbiosis” project to help farmers increase production and income, “We are ready to expand the ‘giant rice’ planting area next year in Dazu and even in a wide area of Chongqing This ‘giant rice’ is also around Yuan Longping academician.
Rice under the cool dream of an excellent variety.”

Knowing this happy news

Netizens can’t help but tear up. “Grandpa Yuan, your dream is coming true.”

Under the grass to ride the dream of a rice a life that a clump of upright rice stalks that a piece of happy rice flowers carrying the thoughts of future generations also carries your increasingly closer dream Yuan Lao, you see it?

Source: Xinhuanet

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