October 24, 2021


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Great! Shenzhen 14-year-old junior high school student admitted to Tsinghua University as the youngest undergraduate

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On September 2, the 2021 class of Tsinghua University undergraduate students reported to the school, the youngest of whom was only 14 years old, a talented young man named Cheng Dazhun, a junior high school student in Shenzhen.

According to reports, Cheng Dazhuo, who is only 14 years old, was admitted to the Qiuzhen Academy through the Qiu Chengtong Mathematics Leadership Program. The program was launched for the first time and will be trained in a 3+2+3 beneficiary model. This also means that he will skip the high school entrance examination, college entrance examination, postgraduate and doctoral examinations, and complete undergraduate, master, and doctoral studies at Tsinghua University.

It is understood that Cheng Dazhuo Junior High School attended a school in Futian District, Shenzhen. In April 2021, he was selected into the “Qiu Chengtong Leading Talents Training Program in Mathematical Sciences” of Tsinghua University. After three selections, Cheng Dazhuo stood out and became one of the youngest finalists. He was admitted to the Qiuzhen Academy of Tsinghua University.

According to headteacher Gao Jianzhong, Cheng Dazhuo loves mathematics and physics very much, and both are extremely talented. He is a double-material learner, and his overall grades are often the first in grade. After choosing a physics competition in the second year of junior high, he found that much advanced mathematics knowledge needs to be applied. He taught himself some advanced mathematics and then participated in the mathematics league and won the third prize. Cheng Dazhuo said that he hopes that he can continue to study in the interdisciplinary field of mathematics or mathematical physics in the future.


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